Syntax Creative Promotes Brandon Musser To Chief Operating Officer

November 15, 2023

Syntax Creative is thrilled to announce the promotion of Brandon Musser to a prestigious new position. Effective today, Brandon Musser will assume the new role of Chief Operating Officer.

“Working at Syntax has been a blessing,” said Musser, who has worked at Syntax for the last 18 years. “I’ve been here since we did our first deal with Apple. I appreciate the fun, friendly, yet professional work environment. I’m proud to be part of one of the best options for independent artists and look forward to continued growth of both my career and Syntax.”

During his tenure, Brandon has exhibited unwavering commitment, leadership, and a keen ability to go above and beyond in his responsibilities. He consistently delivers and contributes to the overall growth and success of our company.

“Brandon gives meticulous attention to detail,” said Scott Wagner, General Manager of Crossroads Label Group, a client of Syntax Creative for the last 15 years. “He wholeheartedly prioritizes our well-being and strives to ensure our satisfaction. Brandon is an unwavering advocate for both our team and roster.”

This promotion is not only a recognition of Brandon’s work and dedication, but also a product of our company’s desire to nurture talent from within. We believe that by providing opportunities for growth and advancement, we not only benefit our dedicated employees, but also enhance the overall strength and success of our organization.

“We love Brandon,” said Greg Davidson, Owner of Central South Distribution, a client of Syntax Creative for the last 16 years. “He excels in his role and serves our company well with his extensive knowledge and experience with the intricacies of digital.”

His nearly two decades are a testament to Brandon Musser’s remarkable expertise, outstanding work ethic, and ability to consistently meet demanding expectations. His new position will involve handling the daily business operations while working closely to support department heads.

“Brandon is a key part of our past,” said Syntax Creative CEO Timothy Trudeau. “Now he will be a key part of our future. Knowing that someone is at the helm of our daily operations who is as loyal, trustworthy, and experienced as Brandon will free me up to focus on growth like never before. I’m proud to offer him this new position and excited for the future of Syntax.”