Syntax Finds the ‘Answers in Genesis’

June 28, 2013

New Deal Offers the Whole Family Biblical Answers to Life’s Complicated Questions

SAN DIEGO, CA—Syntax’s latest venture pairs worldwide digital distribution with a dynamic organization aimed at helping Christians defend their faith. Answers in Genesis, the mastermind company behind the Creation Museum near Cincinnati, OH, produces media for all ages that explains the origins of the universe from a biblical worldview. For the first time ever, the music of Answers in Genesis will be available through Syntax’s wide selection of online music service providers.

“It is very important to me that our resources are not only strategically placed into the market, but that those who are helping us penetrate the various channels understand our brand and will steward it well,” says Dale Mason, Vice President of Media & Production Distribution for Answers in Genesis. “With Syntax, that is exactly what we are confident we will receive. Syntax is respected in the fast-growing field of digital music, and they share in the vision of Answers in Genesis and agree with the message that we are communicating.”

This exciting new partnership will highlight the celebrated work of Buddy Davis, the resident singer-songwriter at Answers in Genesis. Skilled with a guitar, mandolin and a harmonica, Davis lends his talents to the Creation Museum and Answers in Genesis conferences. He has 12 recorded albums, including I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ which features his current chart-topping hit “King of Kings”. Davis is looking forward to being among Syntax’s diverse clientele.

“My passion is to spread the truths of the Bible through music to as many boys and girls—and moms and dads—as possible,” Davis says. “I’m excited and grateful that Syntax will open a whole new way of spreading these musical teachings via digital downloads worldwide!”

Answers in Genesis CEO Ken Ham says, “For many years, my great friend Buddy Davis has been one of our most popular presenters at the Creation Museum. His music is both God honoring and glorifying. I am thankful that even more families will now have access to his music through the many digital opportunities that our co-laborers at Syntax Distribution will provide.”

Syntax Distribution CEO Tim Trudeau was already an avid supporter of Answers in Genesis, but it wasn’t until visiting the Creation Museum with his family in the summer of 2012 that he felt the urge to do more than just purchase resources. This moving experience prompted him to figure out how he and his team could cast a wider net for Answers in Genesis and strategically position their resources.

“After some research, I found that their music was mostly available through their own events and website,” Trudeau explains. “While both are incredible resources, I wanted to take their music—such as Buddy Davis—further and get it into even more hands around the entire world.”

Trudeau knew Davis’s music needed to be available to not only Creation Museum visitors, but also those who may not be able to get to the Museum due to financial or geographical limitations. With Syntax, anyone anywhere would have easy access to Buddy Davis’s music through popular subscriptions services, download stores, and other digital service providers. He says, “It’s with great pleasure that we announce our partnership with Answers In Genesis. My team and I look forward to helping them create a new and growing revenue stream to accomplish their mission of equipping young and old alike with a bulletproof logical framework to view the world through.”

Answers in Genesis is a faith-based organization that helps Christians minister with strong, informed apologetics. Answers in Genesis produces Answers Magazine, Kids Answers Magazine and Answers Research Journal. In 2007, they opened doors to the Creation Museum, 70,000-square-foot Bible experience. Located near Cincinnati, OH, the Creation Museum illustrates the Book of Genesis with 160 state-of-the art exhibits. The high-tech Creation Museum has now had nearly 2 million visitors, and continues to see the world’s major media come through its doors. To learn more, visit:

Buddy Davis is a singer/songwriter, musician and sculptor for Answers in Genesis. He inspires children and families with his original, Bible-based music and his larger-than-life dinosaur sculptures at the Creation Museum. A favorite among all ages at both the Museum and the Answers in Genesis conferences, he is also a successful music artist. His songs “King of Kings” and “Mammoth Cave” are currently holding strong in the top 50 of the Powers Source Top 100. To learn more, visit:

Syntax Distribution, based in San Diego, California, is one of the top independent digital distributors representing more than 100 record labels. Syntax handles many top independent artists such as Tamela Mann, Propaganda, Marvin Winans, Sho Baraka, John P. Kee, Flame, and Braille among others. Their record label clientele includes Central South, CLG Distribution, Pinecastle Records, Crossroads Music, Humble Beast, among others. To learn more, visit: