Syntax Prepares Skylite Vintage Vinyl For The Digital Space

August 29, 2013

New Agreement Gives New Life to Southern Gospel Classics

SAN DIEGO, CA—Syntax Distribution just completed a new deal with Skylite to digitally distribute the vast vintage catalog of Southern Gospel. This will place classic hits by greats like The Statesmen and the Oak Ridge Boys to digital service providers throughout the world.

Syntax Distribution already has a strong relationship with Skylite’s administrator, Scott Godsey, and he is excited about what Syntax can offer this rare collection of Southern Gospel music. “Syntax is great. They have a handle on the market,” Godsey says. “They are always looking for new companies to partner with and that’s very important. With a retro catalog like this, the only outlet is going to be digital. So, it’s important to have your digital team looking for new sources because the platforms continually change.”

“If you look up the word mogul in the dictionary, it simply has a picture of Scott Godsey,” says Syntax Distribution CEO Tim Trudeau. “He’s done more in his 20s than most people do in their entire career. It’s been great to partner with him and all of his different endeavors including our most recent one, Skylite.”

The re-mastered and re-touched legacy of Skylite Records has fans of all ages eager to collect and maintain the albums from their favorite Skylite recording artists such as The Florida Boys, Masters V, and Rebels Quartet. This new deal with Syntax Distribution puts those fans at ease that their favorite songs will be accessible online. Godsey adds, “Different forms of media change from records to cassettes to CDs and now digital, so, that music that you once loved becomes hard to find. For Southern Gospel fans, this is an opportunity for them to get reacquainted with the songs they love—hundreds of songs by many popular artists from the 1950s until even the early ’80s. It’s like a lost artifact that has been rediscovered, and now it’s available online for everyone to share!”

Trudeau adds, “We’re looking forward to shining some light on the classics released by the historically rich Skylite Records.”

Skylite Records was founded by the Blackwood Brothers and the Statesmen Quartet as a home for Southern Gospel artists in the 1950s. Based in Nashville, TN, the label offers master recordings from the Oak Ridge Boys, The Speer Family, Kingsmen Quartet and more. Its catalog, which spans four decades of gospel music, will now be made available through Syntax Distribution.

Syntax Distribution, based in San Diego, California, is one of the top independent digital distributors representing more than 100 record labels. Syntax handles many top independent artists such as Tamela Mann, Propaganda, Marvin Winans, Sho Baraka, John P. Kee, Flame, and Braille among others. Their clientele includes Central South, Answers In Genesis, Pinecastle Records, Crossroads Music, Humble Beast, among others. To learn more, visit: