The Barefoot Movement Teams with Non-Profit on Upcoming Singles

July 18, 2022

The Barefoot Movement is giving back with their new single, “Here Comes the Sun.” They’re teaming up with the non-profit Soles4Souls to help deliver clothing and shoes to underprivileged people throughout the United States and worldwide.

In addition to proceeds from the single going to the charity, fans can also make direct donations to Soles4Souls, and learn more about the mission HERE.

“We were on the road when I spotted a donation box for Soles4Souls. Being in a ‘barefoot’ band, my eye is always drawn to footprint graphics, so I was instantly intrigued,” explains Barefoot Movement co-founder Noah Wall. “I looked up the organization and I was blown away, reading about all the incredible work they do. I couldn’t help but draw a connection to our band name and the Soles4Souls objective.”

The title “Here Comes the Sun” likely sounds familiar to most fans, as it’s a tune that was made famous by the iconic Beatles, when they originally recorded it in 1969. It’s just the first of several new releases from The Barefoot Movement, which are slated for release over the next several months. These include a collection of other big hits made famous by other artists, but with a unique Barefoot Movement twist. Part of the inspiration comes from a social media campaign called Tune Twist during the height of the pandemic, where the band would perform requests from fans. In addition, the forthcoming singles will benefit Soles4Souls as well.

The band will release a compilation of cover songs later this year, Covers for a Cause, also benefitting Soles4Souls. More singles to follow soon.

Noah also adds, “We always invite people at our shows to take off their shoes-either literally or mentally-and enjoy the moment, shed their worldly worries, and feel connected to the people around them through music. By supporting Soles4Souls, we hope to take that barefoot ideology and turn it outward, so that we are helping others as we help ourselves. We are so pleased to be able to extend the life of the home recordings we made during the pandemic for a wonderful cause. Every stream, every download, will accumulate to benefit a person in need.”