Watch The Cleverlys perform “What’s Up?” and “Blue” Live

February 10, 2020

The Cleverlys capture their rollicking performance style in two new videos from a show at Puckett’s outside of Nashville, TN.

While serving as examples of the band’s fun-loving performances, the videos for “What’s Up?” and “Blue” also showcase The Cleverlys’ undeniable vocal talent and instrumental prowess.

Patriarch Digger Cleverly says “What’s Up?”—a popular ’90s song by 4 Non Blondes—makes him think of his feet. “My cousin Shakey challenged me to a race—him on the riding lawn mower, and me on foot running backwards. Dwayne said go and Shakey thought he said mow, and he ran over my foot severing my pinky toe off my left foot. The medicine they gave me after surgery made me feel like this song sounds. I love the song, but when we play it live, I have the urge to wear steel-toed boots.”


About “Blue,” a cover of another ’90s hit by Eiffel 65, Digger adds, “I love love love this song. I don’t know why but when this song kicks off my body involuntarily starts doing the robot.”