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Praise & Worship


We believe authentic worship is not an action on our part. Rather, it’s a reaction. Whenever we get a glimpse of the loveliness and powerfulness of our Father, there is a reaction within us. When we let it out, we can call it worship. Good worship songs give us the vehicles for those spontaneous reactions we have when we see God’s brilliance in creation and in His ways with us. His faithfulness and His generosity. We don’t worship God because we should, we worship God because we can. We have to let out the gratitude and the joy we feel for what we see, which is His kindness and love. This is not a Sunday activity, this is an everyday occurrence for those who have eyes to see that His hand is around us. Great Comfort Records will be looking for and finding those melodies, those poetic lyrics, those honest expressions, captured in song: the psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Sacred music for the invisible church. We will be recording them in unique and wonderfully fresh ways and offering them to you as vehicles for your own expressions to God. Our hope is that the songs resonate and ring true to your own deepest feelings of awe and gratitude for your Maker, your Father, and Jesus, your master and your friend. This is medicine for the soul.