Do ‘new’ releases mean Beatmart Recordings is back in business?

April 26, 2010

Beatmart Recordings, the label that brought you polished releases from Soul P., Willie Will, Japhia Life, Rob Hodge, and Eric Cross will be offering its entire instrumental catalog for digital download on July 28, 2009. The tracks will be available for purchase at iTunes,, and all major online distribution sites.

“At Beatmart, we want to reinvent ourselves by investing greater into the individual consumer through the digital space. We want to share our assets with the people and offer our help in getting them where they want to go musically,” Beatmart president Todd Collins said.

“If giving them access to our catalog of instrumentals helps accelerate that process, then we will count it as a success – one person at a time.”

Does this mean the company (once considered dead) has been resurrected?

“Beatmart is planning to make a comeback,” Collins said. “It won’t be without a lot prayer and hard work, but we see this release of our instrumentals as a small step in heading back in the right direction.”

“In the meantime, I hope people can use what we were blessed to be able to create through the years so far. We have plans to bring many more down the line.”




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