Music Royalties, Music Distribution, & Working With a Collecting Society

February 13, 2014

Our CEO recently had the pleasure of speaking with Hannah Boothby from Soundreef about several aspects of the music business. Soundreef is based in London but also operates in the USA, Italy, France, Sweden, and Spain. They provide music for thousands of stores across Europe and reach over 45 million customers every month.

The topics that were discussed were music royalties, music distribution, and working with a collecting society:

‘You have a lot of people that are anti-Spotify or anti-Deezer… To me, they’ve been great partners because they’re making music available to places and people that normally wouldn’t have purchased the record anyway. To me it’s extra money! To me – say what you want about Spotify, I’m not saying they’re perfect or anything and that they haven’t made various mistakes – but in general, what we have seen is they are creating a brand new revenue stream for us, from people that didn’t buy music anyway, so not music collectors – people that don’t care about holding something in there hand or exploring the artwork. Also, they truly have found a way to monetise pirates. I think that’s wonderful.’

Part 2 was published today and can be read by clicking here.




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