• Chris Jones & The Night Drivers Celebrate An Unprecedented 8th No. 1 Song From the One Album

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  • Syntax Creative Announces Partnership With Debbie Winans’ Label LoweKey Entertainment

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  • Becky Buller Releases WHAM Cover From Her Star-Studded Christmas Album

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  • Ashley Heath, from Serving Coffee to Serving Something To Believe In

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  • Benson’s “Red Mountain Wine” Cover is Latest in Bluegrass Spatial Audio

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  • Chris Jones & Grace van’t Hof win IBMA Industry Awards

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  • The Inspirations & McKamey Legacy win Singing News Fan Awards

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  • Lonesome River Band’s “Heyday” goes No. 1 on Bluegrass Today chart

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  • Dale Ann Bradley Needs Our Help

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  • The Down East Boys’ “Ready To Leave” Goes No. 1 on SGN Scoops Chart

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Syntax Creative is one of the top independent digital distributors and marketing agencies in the world, representing hundreds of labels 10’s of thousands of songs.


We reach beyond just making your music available. We utilize long-standing relationships with digital service providers and proven techniques to put your music on equal footing with some of today’s top artists. Throughout our existence, we have always had our eyes on what is next and love to pass those opportunities onto you.


The Barefoot Movement - "Killing Me Softly"
muted mike - "Drown"
Tay Collier - "Two Up"
tylerhateslife - "addicted."
Debbie Winans - "Hustle & Bustle"
Tammy Rogers & Thomm Jutz - "Welcome the Babe"
Danny Burns - "Nothing But A Child"
MvkeyyJ, TJ Carroll & Ray Knowledge - "A TO C"
Midcentury Modern Evitan & Newselph - "Mad Men (Remix)"
Candace Coker - "Day Go Down"
Williamson Branch - Very Merry Christmas
Jr. Williams - Railroad Town
Knaladeus & Selah the Corner - "Turn Around"
N8 - "The Forbidden Door"
Pinecastle Records - "Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem"
Datin & Dax Hamma - "The Menace Mixtape II: Civil Disobedience"
Boone & Foster - "I've Never Been So Lonesome"
Patrick Dopson - "Mary, Did You Know?"
Sean BE feat. Madaline Garcia-Heriges - "Loudest Sound (On a Silent Night)"
Ian Zumback - "Ordinary"
StefanOtto - "God Bless The Real"
Terror Firma - "Dear Rectangle"
tylerhateslife - "in my head."
Kaboose - "Thank God It's Friday"