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  • Syntax Welcomes Kansas City-based Lynda Randle and Stella Music

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  • Syntax Creative Adds California-Based Turnberry Records

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  • Syntax Creative Adds Roho Records Founded By Prolific Cindy Morgan

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  • The Edgar Loudermilk Band Inks Record Deal With Pinecastle Records for Two New Albums

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  • Syntax Creative Partners With Grapetree Records To Revive Classic Catalog and Pave The Way For New Releases

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  • Syntax Creative Brings The Legendary Goodman Catalog To Digital For The First Time

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  • Syntax Creative Announces Partnership With Soldier Sound Records

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  • Syntax Creative Reaches Platinum Status as Spotify Preferred Provider

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Syntax Creative is one of the top independent digital distributors and marketing agencies in the world, representing hundreds of labels 10’s of thousands of songs.


We reach beyond just making your music available. We utilize long-standing relationships with digital service providers and proven techniques to put your music on equal footing with some of today’s top artists. Throughout our existence, we have always had our eyes on what is next and love to pass those opportunities onto you.


Junior Sisk - If There's a Will There's a Way
The Katinas - The Hymns
Sean Rodriguez - "Glory"
Eric Lee Brumley - "Share The Load"
Jamie Grace - "Forever In Love"
Kaboose feat. Fresh Micks - "Stop Me"
Becky Buller - "Jubilee"
Andrew Greer - Songs from the Dark
Tray Wellington & Tray Wellington Band - "Lift Up Every Stone"
The Talleys - "Hallelujah Praise The Lamb (Live)"
tylerhateslife - "anxiety."
Alicross - Alone
Shawn Lane & Richard Bennett - "1682"
Sideline - "The Lives of the Innocent"
Shelton & Williams - "Carolina Time"
Crystal Lewis - A Seasonal Thing...Winter
Wilson Banjo Co. - "The Gavel"
Theo MacMillan - "Early Sign"
Mike Geo - "Be Refined"
Amanda Cook - "Mitchell Mullins"
Sean Rodriguez - "Center Stage (Gregatron Remix)"
The Roe Family Singers - Sisters & Brothers
Knaladeus & Parry Illest - "Sit Here"
weRcalled - "My Praise"