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Year of Redemption

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Redemption is not about perfection. The act of redeeming or atoning for a fault or mistake is a process that requires reflection and honesty. In this thing called life, there comes a time when we have to get-right to make-it-right with others, or even the score of war within ourselves. However, the cost of penance can leave one’s pockets looking like rabbit ears. For Derek Jordan, also known as DIE-REK, his redemption is worth the price of admission. Especially when knowing his debt has been forgiven and cleared in advance. DIE-REK channels that debt-free energy, wheels-back, and comes-again with a brand new album called Year of Redemption.

On his second full-length release with Illect Recordings, The Canadian born rhyme writer lifts up his head, drops his guard and pours out his heart across ten self-produced tracks. The project comes together like part journal and part motivational monologue. “Eyes Across the Room” is an earnest celebration of love and longevity as DIE-REK salutes his significant other for her ride-or-die brand of loyalty. He speaks his love language fluently over tinkling piano keys that sound like they were rescued from RZA’s flooded basement.

“Diddy Dum Diddy Doo” is a bespoke bop where DIE-REK speaks life atop a stuttering bass line with a stop and go flow. He encourages the listener to embrace their own identity and live life with authenticity. The spaced-out melody is deceptively addictive, but the empowering message reaches home. In the spirit of Canadian-community, “He Paid it All” finds DIE-REK clicking-up with his friends Rel McCoy and Griffin. Neither one of them mince words about how their faith had been funded, and all three verses are declarations of humble gratitude.

DIE-REK saves the best for last with the final song, “Runnin’,” the album’s true man in the mirror moment. DIE-REK pledges allegiance to God and the grind, promising to make use of grace and not waste his days on earth. This particular slice of sound thrusts consciousness above the clouds with a dream-like sensation that shifts seamlessly between realms and reality.

After years of losses and lessons, redemption is closer than ever.


  • In addition to his successful solo career (currently with Illect Recordings), DIE-REK is a Billboard Top-5 producer, garnering chart presence for his 2016 work on Shai Linne's LP


  1. Wheel Back, Come Again
  2. Year of Redemption
  3. Eyes Across the Room
  4. Diddy Dum Diddy Doo
  5. The Song Nobody Likes
  6. Radiation
  7. Microwaaave
  8. He Paid it All
  9. Love Coast
  10. Runnin


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