Single Release



“Celebration at the Empty Grave”

Sonlite Records



Southern Gospel

Greensboro, North Carolina


The Down East Boys paint a joyous picture with “Celebration At The Empty Grave.” It’s a song that points to the promise of Easter and the miracle of the Resurrection. It reminds us all that we serve a Savior that is alive and well. We can celebrate, knowing that He knows us and hears us as He is risen!

Opening with an instantly memorable guitar figure that will recur throughout the song, “Celebration At The Empty Grave” wastes no time in introducing the full quartet — Ricky Carden (lead), Daryl Paschal (baritone), Doug Pittman (tenor) and Alex Utech (bass) — in its scene-setting first verse;

I hear there’s talk all over town
Something big is going down
A marvel everybody wants to see
They’ve heard about an empty tomb
They’re wondering, “Could this be true?”
And if it is, what does this really mean?

The musical tension echoing these questions persists through the second verse, building to the release of the song’s insistent, joyous chorus and its ringing affirmation:

Our Lord is great and greatly to be praised
So we stand here amazed
As we join the celebration,
The celebration at the empty grave

As the song winds through its remaining verse and choruses, shifts in key offer each of the quartet’s members a turn front and center, emphasizing the fellowship of all those celebrating Christ. As Ricky Carden puts it, “‘Celebration At The Empty Grave’ is a song that reminds all of us that we serve a Savior that is alive and well, and we can celebrate, knowing that He knows us and hears us as He is risen! So celebrate a risen Savior!”

Their latest single, “Ready To Leave” from their album The Stories We Tell reached No. 1 on the SGN Scoops chart and continues to stay in the Top 10.


  • For more than 30 years, the Down East Boys quartet has traveled from coast to coast, Canada and Mexico.
  • Have had more than 40 songs reach the top of the Singing News charts.
  • Three songs from their album, One Day In The Past, reached the No 1. position on the Singing News Chart, and “Amazing Amounts of Amazing Grace” from their most recent album, Faithful Still, also made the top spot.
  • Performed with many evangelists through the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, singing at Southern Baptist State Conventions and Evangelism conferences all over the country.