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Hip Hop Artists Expose Human Trafficking In New York City

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‘King Kulture: Stop The Traffic’ – The All-Star Compilation Album Helps NYC Organization 

Hip Hop is exposing human trafficking in New York City and assisting the New York Urban City Project to continue their ongoing fight.  Premier Hip Hop music web site in conjunction with Syntax Distribution, New York City Urban Project, and InterVarsity, is releasing a compilation album entitled ‘King Kulture: Stop The Traffic’ on August 27th, 2013. Proceeds from the album are donated to New York City Urban Project, a non-profit organization based in and serving New York City.

King Kulture: Stop The Traffic is a project full of artists that are passionate about raising awareness and fighting human trafficking. The title track was done by Washington Heights resident, Andy Mineo who’s album ‘Heroes For Sale’ is one of the highest selling independent Hip Hop albums of the year with over 30,000 sold in the first week alone. The Reach Records artist and label mate to the Grammy Award nominated artist Lecrae, connected Rapzilla with the New York City Urban Project and assisted in making their vision a reality. The project features MC Jin, another New York City resident and a rapper that is known for winning BET’s Freestyle Friday a record breaking 7 consecutive times, landing him in their Hall of Fame. MC Jin went on to sign with Ruff Ryders alongside DMX and Eve at the label’s peak. MC Jin changed things up and moved to Hong Kong where he reached celebrity status as a model, actor and rapper, before relocating back to the U.S. recently. The compilation features several Grammy, Dove and Stellar Award nominated artists and producers such as Flame, Sho Baraka, Wit, Canton Jones, and Propaganda.

Child Trafficking is the recruitment, smuggling, transporting, harboring, buying or selling of a child through force, threats, fraud, deception, or coercion for the purposes of exploitation, prostitution, pornography, migrant work, sweatshops, domestic servitude, forced labor, bondage, peonage or involuntary servitude. Child trafficking is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. UNICEF values the global market of child trafficking at over $12 billion a year with over 2 million child victims. Men, women and children are all victims but, the most vulnerable groups, those with limited rights or protections, have been the hardest hit… especially children.

Joe Mazzilli, Executive Director of A&E’s Runaway Squad served 15 years with the NYPD, nine of those years with the Organized Crime Control Bureau, where he infiltrated the mob. During his years of deep undercover, Mazzilli’s work led to major mob arrests for murder, drug trafficking, hijacking, and human trafficking. In an exclusive interview with Mazzilli stated, “1.6 million kids run away a year. 50 percent of them get exploited and many of them die.”

“It’s hard to get video of anyone actually being trafficked because it’s not done in the open, but obviously if you see a 24 hour massage parlor–people aren’t getting back massages at 3 o’clock in the morning.” says Rapzilla co-owner and editor-in-chief, Chad Horton during his recent trip to New York.

The idea for King Kulture came about when founder Philip Rood and his team were looking for ways to expand the web site’s charitable impact. “We wanted to give proceeds from a project to a charity in Africa,” Rood says. He adds, “We partnered with several artists and producers that donated their talents and time to make it happen. From the sales of the first King Kulture project, ‘ Presents… King Kulture’, we donated $10,000 to the school Ecole de la Borne in Kinshasa, Congo.”

‘King Kulture: Stop The Traffic’ is available for pre-order on iTunes. Physical copies and deluxe packages are available for pre-order on Rapzilla’s Official Store

1. KIDD – First World Problems – produced by by Tyshane
2. FLAME – Cashews – produced by DeeOnTheTrack & post prod. by SPEC
3. Alert312 – Murmurs – produced by Alert312
4. Skrip – Show Them – produced by Skrip
5. Rhema Soul – We Win – produced by Wit
6. MC Jin – Over The Edge ft. Dawen – produced by Jay Wonda
7. Gowe – First Date – produced by Tee-Wyla
8. Janette…ikz – What Will It Take?
10. Andy Mineo – Stop The Traffic ft. Co Campbell – produced by GAWVI
11. Butta P – Rescue Me ft. V.Rose – produced by Tee-Wyla
12. Sho Baraka – Tomorrow ft. ALi – produced by ALi
13. Json – Rejuvenated ft. Future & Derek Minor – by DeeOnTheTrack & SPEC
14. Young Chozen – Royalty – produced by Tee-Wyla
15. Canton Jones – Runway – produced by Canton Jones
16. HillaryJane – Not For Sale – produced by Skrip
17. Propaganda – Healthy Don’t Need Doctors – produced by Wit

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About New York City Urban Project & InterVarsity
InterVarsity’s vision is to see lives transformed, campuses renewed and world changers developed. InterVarsity’s Urban Projects are catalytic programs that help transform students into world changers. In New York City we do this by working in partnership with non-profit organizations that tutor and mentor, feed the homeless, and fight sex-trafficking and slavery.