Music Release



“Won’t You Remember My Name”

Organic Records




Nashville, Tennessee


The “Fiddle Science” purveyor is back again with the latest in his series of exploratory and creative singles from Organic Records. Serving up solo work that complements his role as a member of the GRAMMY-winning Infamous Stringdusters, Jeremy Garrett continues to break new ground with “Won’t You Remember My Name.”

Where its immediate predecessor, a cover of Coldplay’s “Magic,” featured a plethora of highly processed sounds, “Won’t You Remember My Name” is more rooted in the acoustic tones of Garrett’s guitar, mandolin and fiddle, even as the artist continues to shape his music with the ability to loop tracks and accompany himself in live settings in mind. There’s room for a technology-enhanced—and crushingly climactic—fiddle-driven interlude that will doubtless remind listeners of the Stringdusters’ mastery of musical dynamics, too, before the song reverts back to its less raging, but no less insistent opening vibe in a final chorus. The result is a powerful combination of unadorned naturalism and sophisticated craft that could only come from this artist.

And while the song’s sound is distinctly modern in a genre-bending way, the attitude of the lyric hearkens back to the competitive nature and self-assurance of bluegrass founders like Bill Monroe. Says Garrett: “I love a good ‘fight song,’ as they used to call it, when I was in high school football. A song that would get the spirits of everyone up and inspire people to be great and to win. When Jon Weisberger and I started to write the song, that’s what I had in mind for the idea; I remember the conversation being centered around some of my friends who had been in rodeo bull riders. How do you stand out in such a competitive field and stay in the career long enough to make your name? That’s where the hook, ‘Won’t You Remember My Name’ came from.

“As a songwriter,” he adds, “I am always looking for interesting perspectives on how to craft the song itself. Trying different approaches from rhyme schemes, or repetitive lines, staying vague… but also themes. This song captures an idea of someone very competitive and trying to do what they do to the fullest. Sometimes we come up short, but in the end, the hope is that people will remember the character, the competitiveness, the passion that we all put into our lives, and sometimes into what we do for a living. Staying in the game until the end and demanding excellence in life—that’s what this song is about for me. A fight song, so to speak, to keep on keeping on until the end!”


  • As a member of the GRAMMY Award-winning Infamous Stringdusters, Jeremy Garrett is renown for his fiddle playing and bold vocal styling
  • Among his Stringdusters songwriting contributions, 2014's ""Let It Go"" won 1st place in the Folk category for the 2014 USA Songwriting Competition
  • His songwriting collaborations include Darrell Scott, Oliver Wood (of The Wood Brothers), Jon Weisberger, Josh Shilling, Becky Buller and more