Music Release



Murder My Flesh


At only 16 years old, KIDD possess the talent, vision, and wisdom that many find in much more experienced peers and has something special to bring to the world for years to come. Taking his influences and adding his personality and creativity, KIDD plans to use music to speak to the youth of the world not by musical sermons but through crafty wordplay, vivid imagery, and challenging music. Lyrically awaking today’s generation from the film that mainstream media has pulled over their eyes, while still embracing his faith.

  1. Intro
  2. Murder My Flesh
  3. Welcome To The Jungle ft. Je’kob
  4. Too Cool
  5. Royal Lies ft. Derek Minor & Gemstones
  6. Feeling Good
  7. Change Up ft. Sean C. Johnson
  8. Jezebel
  9. Identity Theft ft. SPZRKT
  10. Radical ft. Skrip
  11. Hear’em Say (blah blah blah) ft. Sho Baraka
  12. Gran Entrada ft. Temperamento, Skrip & Yavier Luisan