Music Release


“One of These Days”

Archive Records


Singer/songwriter, Max Simmons, grew up and lives on the north side of Chicago. Known for his distinctive voice and bold lyrics, Max has been seen at Cornerstone Festival, Ichthus Festival and the Chelsea House in Chicago.

Max has always loved music and listened to music such as Johnny Cash, Nick Cave and David Bazan. He started writing songs in collaboration with his sister, Ami, then branched out to write music of his own. Inspired by the lives of friends and family and his own personal experiences, he started writing stories about love, loss and faith and put them to music.

  1. The Arrow Song
  2. At Least Tonight
  3. Normally
  4. Cheat
  5. Hold on a Minute
  6. Easy Road
  7. Tigerface
  8. Open Up Your Gates
  9. One of These Days
  10. Goodbye