Music Release



“Pray for Me”

Horizon Records


In 1964, five boys from Bryson City started a Gospel tradition that continues to this day, over fifty years later. The Inspirations’ classic sound makes them one of the most instantly recognizable groups in any genre of music.

When Martin Cook was growing up, music was as vital to life as air. Even though he pursued a degree in education, it was music that completed him and made him happy. The end result has surprised everyone, including him. “I never really anticipated music as a career. When I was growing up music was just something we got together and did because it was fun,” states the founder of the Inspirations. Now, over fifty years later, the Inspirations are legends.

The Inspirations are still setting the gold standard for authentic quartet music. Their enduring appeal and lasting legacy have offered inspiration to their fans for half a century.

Pray For Me will be in stores 01/08/2016 and is available for pre-order now.

  1. Onward To The Goal
  2. Surely I Come Quickly
  3. God’s Already There
  4. Child Of The King
  5. What The Shoutin’s All About
  6. Jesus Picked A Rose
  7. It’s Under The Blood
  8. Sweet Beulah Land
  9. Pray For Me
  10. Daniel Prayed