Music Release



“God Knows How Much Mercy I Need”

Sonlite Records



Southern Gospel

Knoxville, Tennessee


The Kingdom Heirs enter their 35th year of musical ministry and leadership with a sound that tastefully embraces contemporary influences in modern Christian music while holding fast to the traditions of Southern Gospel music.

The quartet’s first release of 2021 finds them uplifting the classic sound on “God Knows How Much Mercy I Need,” from the pen of Southern Gospel Music Hall Of Famer Dianne Wilkinson. “I was thinking one day that I need more mercy from God on some days—even more grace,” the award-winning songwriter recalls. “And I remembered that God knows everything in my life before it ever happens. He knows the days when my heart may be breaking…He knows the days when all is well in my world. I knew I wanted to write it…and I wrote what will ALWAYS be true: ‘God Knows How Much Mercy I Need.’”

Celebrated lead singer Arthur Rice’s soulful, passionate approach is joined by the harmonies of Jerry Martin, tenor; Loren Harris, baritone; and Jeff Chapman, bass, as they convey a message of grace, forgiveness and mercy:

“When I was out in sin, God showed mercy even then.
He gave one more chance to make it right
Now when heartache comes my way, I can hear my Father say
We’ll walk together through the dark ‘til we see light”

Says Rice, “We’ve been wanting to record this song for many years, but it never seemed to fit the other albums. Now is the perfect time for this song. In a time when mercy and grace seem needed more each day, this song reminds us that God deals with each of us in an individual and unique way. He knows us better than we know ourselves. We hope this song is as encouraging to the listener as it has been to us.”


  • The Kingdom Heirs are the featured resident performing gospel group at Dolly Parton's Dollywood in East Tennessee now for 34 straight years
  • The Kingdom Heirs are a national treasure and one of the most awarded male quartets in the history of the Southern Gospel genre
  • Of their many astounding accolades, perhaps the most impressive is their running string of 40 Top 5 singles, which include 11x #1 songs (comprising of 2x Song of the Year Award-nominations and 2x Dove Award-nominations).