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Through the Years, Vol. 2

Mountain Home Music Company



Bluegrass, Southern Gospel

Asheville, North Carolina


Gospel songs have been an integral part of the bluegrass genre since its very first days, and within a few short years, groups appeared which devoted themselves exclusively to songs of faith delivered in bluegrass settings. In 1973, The Primitive Quartet took its place in the ranks of bluegrass gospel artists, and over the nearly 50 years that have followed, the durable group has made its way to the forefront. Known for their determinedly acoustic approach to instrumentation; their emphasis on unadorned, heartfelt singing; the depth of their contribution to the bluegrass gospel songbook, and, above all, the simple clarity of their Christian message, the Primitive Quartet have become a beloved presence at churches, festivals and gospel singing gatherings across the country.

Still, despite the breadth of their popularity, almost all of The Primitive Quartet’s music lay beyond the reach of a growing number of listeners as the distribution of music moved into the online world. To bring this deep catalog to new generations of listeners—and to keep up with a new generation of technology—Mountain Home Music Company announces the release to streaming services and digital sales platforms of the first two volumes in a groundbreaking series called Through The Years, with additional volumes to be released in the future.

“We released 3 albums with Crossroads back in 2009 which have been well received and have had people asking for more,” says the group. “We’ve recorded at Crossroads many times and are excited to partner with them again. We pray this series of nearly 150 songs will be a blessing to many folks as more people use the digital services to listen to music.”

Through The Years, Volume One and Volume Two present over 40 selections that span some 30 years of the storied group’s recordings, ranging from acclaimed songs like “We’ve Been So Blessed,” “The Good Shepherd” (Volume One) and “He Included Me” (Volume Two) to distinctive versions of classics like “Traveling Shoes” (Volume One) and “How Tedious And Tasteless The Hours” (Volume Two) to a wealth of originals from Reagan Riddle and other members of the group such as “Brother John,” “When This Old Gravel Road Turns To Gold” (Volume One), “God Is So Good To Me” and “I’m Looking Through New Eyes” (Volume 2).

When completed, the series—curated by the Crossroads Label Group’s Greg Bentley and The Primitive Quartet’s Mike Riddle—will encompass eight volumes covering nearly 40 years of historic releases, including a collection of Christmas favorites and a compilation of songs from the several live albums the group has released over the years. Rarely has such an archival exploration been directed exclusively at digital platforms, and the combination of historical interest and forward-looking accessibility serves to guarantee that not only will long-time fans of the storied group have their favorites close at hand, but that the vital musical ministry of the Primitive Quartet will be available for discovery by generations of fans yet to come.

Through The Years Volumes 1 and 2 will be out on streaming platforms October 22, 2021.


  • Over the years, The Primitive Quartet has released scores of albums, projects and videos, making them one of the more revered Gospel-centric bluegrass bands of all time


  1. I'm Looking Through New Eyes
  2. He's Been Better than Good to Me
  3. Blessings of a Friend
  4. He's Still Able
  5. He's Still in Control
  6. I Prayed for You this Morning
  7. Light at the River
  8. He Included Me
  9. The Love of God
  10. How Tedious and Tasteless the Hours
  11. The Old Story
  12. We'll Be Together Again
  13. With Jesus There's No Foreign Shore
  14. Please Tell Me Again
  15. Land of No Tears
  16. When The Rose of Sharon Bloomed
  17. There's A Much Better Way
  18. My Hope Is in the Blood
  19. Love Came Down
  20. When I Fly Beyond the Stars
  21. A Cruel Roman Cross
  22. Another Day
  23. God Has Been So Good to Me


Southern Gospel