Dark Shadow Recording

United States


Becky Buller, Man About a Horse, Nedski & Mojo, Rick Faris, Rick Lang, Stephen Mougin, The Rigneys


Dark Shadow Recording is a full-service studio and record label led by award-winning Stephen Mougin, located on a hilltop that surveys Music City’s electric skyline. The label produces and turns out music from some of the industry’s most promising artists in the Bluegrass, Americana, Country, and Folk genres.

Stephen Mougin identifies Dark Shadow Recording as somewhat of a developmental outlet for some of the artist’s who have not yet had the spotlight on them. He says that this is his way of paying it forward in tribute to those who helped him along the way. The label is unique in its approach as they are a company run for musicians by musicians, as Stephen has been playing Bluegrass music since the age of six. He has since progressed to a veteran picker in his own regard as well as a sideman, playing alongside Sam Bush and many others. He also produced for the Rigneys, The Bankesters, Breaking Grass, Bill Evans, and many others in recent years.