Anya Hinkle Releases ‘Why Women Need Wine’ Music Video

June 10, 2021

Anya Hinkle, Organic Records, folk, Americana, Syntax Creative - imagePopMatters said Anya Hinkle took on “‘Why Women Need Wine’ with pep in her step, reflecting on situations and dispositions that women often encounter,” calling it “a musical eye roll that takes on the patriarchy.” Hinkle carries that energy into the song’s music video—premiered by Folk Alley—which depicts Hinkle and her friends celebrating their friendship with “wry nods and winks, and capacious laughter.” Press play above to watch the music video on this page.

“Why Women Need Wine” is the latest single from Hinkle’s upcoming album, Eden and Her Borderlands, set for release on July 16, 2021.

Of the album, Hinkle says, “Eden represents the essence of life, the wholeness, innocence and perfection that is our birthright, those things that seem to get stripped away from us along our journey. The past year isolated us and, despite the hardships of the pandemic, I had an opportunity to view myself and my circumstances differently. Living in uncertainty, I cancelled all my plans and lived more in the moment. I became more grateful for what surrounds me: my home, my pets, my family, my neighbors, my community. I gained a deeper appreciation for those that support us: mail carriers, medical workers, grocery store clerks, the guys on the garbage trucks. I began to feel unexpectedly open and curious, like I was moving ever closer toward Eden by breaking open my heart and mind.”

“After releasing albums for over 10 years in various collaborations, this album makes me feel as though I have reached the borderlands of the essence of my expression as an artist,” Hinkle concludes. “Approaching this Eden, for me, reclaims a sense of purity, innocence and faith. As the first record I’ve ever released under my own name, every song was written and selected especially for inclusion on it, and all the performers were chosen because they ‘belong to the band,’ because they showed up for me as I stepped out on my own. I am awed by their talents and grateful for their support. I am especially grateful to my team at Organic Records, producer Jon Weisberger and engineers Clay Miller and Van Atkins, and for my family who supports me always.”






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