Best of 2021 | Top 10 Country / Americana Albums

December 17, 2021

For our second best-of 2021 list (did you miss the first list?), we’re highlighting our Top 10 Country / Americana Albums. For this, and our other upcoming Albums lists (Hip hop/Rap, Christian/Gospel coming soon!), any container set that wasn’t released as a “single” (EP, LP, etc.) was counted as an “album.”

As before, this list was determined by a combination of streaming, download, and overall sales statistics at all measurable platforms beginning Jan. 1, 2021—it is in no particular order:

You can stream all of these songs—and much more—on these playlists: Bluegrass | Banjos, Mandos, Pickin ‘n Grinnin (Follow on Spotify | All Platforms), The Bellow and Bluster (Follow on Spotify | All Platforms).

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Up next: The Top 10 Christian / Gospel singles of 2021!


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