Pandora launches AMPcast—a mobile-specific, social-centric publishing feature

June 5, 2018

Pandora introduces AMPcast, as they announce easier ways for artists to directly engage their audience on the streaming platform.

Billed as, “The power to speak to your fans, right in your hands,” Pandora continues to build creative infrastructure on their mobile app for quick and easy content creation and publishing.

Pandora Playbook states, “AMPcast creates a unique opportunity to record short artist audio messages on-the-go and broadcast near-instantly to your fans as they listen to your music on Pandora and follow your social profiles. Because of its flexible nature, AMPcast is best suited for spontaneous, mobile messaging when you’re in the studio or on tour.”

AMPcast lives in the same vein as their Artist Audio Messages tool, which allows artists to record an up-to-fifteen second audio message to accompany a Featured Track. These can run in tandem with a track for up-to eight-weeks, and usually only after a track has been spinning on Pandora for at least 4-weeks (this is recommended so that Pandora has had ample time to apply their export algorithms to your song for maximum performance). CLICK HERE to listen to an example of Thomas Rhett‘s Audio Message for his song “Look What God Gave Her.”

The main differences with AMPcast lie within the application and the intent behind the content. Whereas with Artist Audio Messages, recorded voice-overs should sound clean—almost “produced,” like Rhett’s example above (although they don’t necessarily have to be recorded at studio quality)—AMPcast content is strictly limited to creation from within the Pandora mobile app, and are designed to engage the audience on a personal level rather than to promote a particular focus track, single, or new release, etc.

Furthermore, Pandora has included easy social sharing components to AMPcast, so if you’re utilizing this tool to promote an acoustic livestream set from the tour bus or your rehearsal space, adding CTA links to your Facebook page and sending the AMPcast out to all social channels is as simple as a tap (or two!).

Check out these quick-reference videos from Pandora on AMPcast:

If you have yet to claim your Artist Profile on Pandora, this is the first step: CLICK HERE to claim your profile and take advantage of this, and all of the great marketing tools available from within the Pandora platform!



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