Rolling Hills Worship – ‘Face to the Father’ video

March 15, 2021

Rolling Hills Community Church, Rolling Hills Worship, Christian music, Syntax Creative - imageIn anticipation of their next single, Rolling Hills Worship unveiled the official music video for “Face to the Father” at all three Middle Tennessee campuses and online services yesterday. The single will release worldwide through Syntax Creative distribution on Friday, Mar. 19, 2021.

Distractions are all around us, sometimes we need the kind of “centering” that can only come from a Heavenly Father. “Face to the Father” is an upbeat reminder that if we keep our eyes on Jesus—metaphorically (as in our posture), and literally—we’ll not only be reminded of God’s constant love, but we’ll confidently move forward in His strength amid anything the world may throw at us.

The song was written by a trio of talented artists. Leo Ahlstrom, Senior Worship Pastor for Rolling Hills Community Church, Curt Gibbs, current Curb|Word Publishing staff writer, and his wife, Monica Gibbs, worship leader at Rolling Hills’ Nashville campus and lead vocals on the new single. To watch the video, please CLICK HERE.




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