Music Release



The Other Side of Tomorrow

Illect Recordings

Hip Hop, Instrumental


Hip hop/rap; Illect Recordings — STREAM / BUY single

Tomorrow is that place and time that seems so far away and yet so much easier to say. The fear of “doing it now” can pale in comparison to the uncertainty of what lies ahead. The inquisitive producer, Ess Be, is intrigued by this ambivalence and dares to explore the untold depths on The Other Side of Tomorrow.

The beginning of this entirely Ess Be-produced experience is both seductive and mysterious almost immediately. On “Rise,” we are tenderly shifted into a sense of security and awe. The lavish and serene strokes will inevitably boost your state of zen. Swiftly following this opening is, “It’s Alright,” with its infectious Berocca type bounce. This pick is the jolt of get-up-and-go needed to start any day. The two-piece meets the two-step on “The Vibe is Real.” Ess Be employs a cheeky and sneaky tint of sax over chunky drums which sounds like a mix of George Coleman and George Jetson. Other highlights include “Lucid Dreams” and “Voyage”—both of which are first-class trips aboard the Scrunchface Enterprise. Whatever your bag is, this ten-track offering is Ess Be’s most sonically expansive foray to date. The other side of tomorrow doesn’t seem so bad after all. It definitely sounds great, that’s for sure.



Ess Be is a hip hop beatmaker and selector based out of Lansing, MI. Through his music you’ll hear a variety of inspirations from R&B, LoFi, Experimental, House, Soul, Funk, Future Bass, Chill, to Trap, and the list goes on. Ess Be operates by the motto “No Sound Left Behind” as it relates to how he artfully bends and blends different genres to create something unique, yet familiar.