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Excuse Me

Syntax Records



Christian, Hip Hop

Minneapolis, MN


Hip Hop artist Kaboose is poised to unleash his Syntax Records debut entitled Excuse Me on October 14th. Armed with only a microphone and the Syntax in-house production team, the Minnesota emcee serves up 15 heaters – all full of the unapologetic truth.

While it’s his first full-length album on Syntax Records, this is far from an introduction. Through years of pounding the pavement as a full-time emcee and his national appearances on the Night Owls series, he has already built a strong fan base that is more than ready for Excuse Me.


  • Kaboose does over 100 shows a year as a full time touring artist since 2004.
  • This is the first 100% Syntax in-house release since 2003, a definite bonus for long time Syntax fans.
  • All Syntax releases have made it to the top 10 CMJ Charts. All but one has made the top 5. The same CMJ promoter is working on this record.
  • All Hip Hop Syntax releases have been covered in The Source and several other major hip hop publications. This release will be no different.
  • Following our past successes, we will also be doing a Music Video for this record and servicing it to all major and niche outlets. This time the Character on the cover is actually the Character from the fully animated music video. With as much play as our videos get in Mall stores, and other outlets we expect to make this cover our most recognizable to date.
  • The Kaboose character (from the cover) will be featured in a special animated online promotion with a music-based, kid-focused virtual world:
  • Kaboose is Native American and performs at reservations across the United States offering some excellent micro-marketing opportunities.


  1. It Went This Way 3:39
  2. Be First 3:41
  3. Goin’ Outta Control (feat. Royce da 5’9″) 3:26
  4. The Land of Lakes 2:28
  5. Follow Me Now 3:46
  6. Don’t Go To Bed Mad At Me 3:35
  7. Build It Up (feat. MaxOne of Sackcloth Fashion) 3:51
  8. Precious Time 3:47
  9. Simply Broken Down 3:40
  10. Reveal Yourself 4:20
  11. Two Sides 3:14
  12. I Give You 4:05
  13. Wood Worker 4:02
  14. Intercontinental Grand Dragon (feat. RedCloud) 3:30
  15. Excuse Me (Do You Come Here Often?)


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