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Apply Pressure


Philly rapper R-Swift is more than your typical “conscience” hip-hop artist. Raised on the streets of Brooklyn and Philadelphia, Swift began developing his skills as a rapper at the young age of 11 and rapped about the things he saw in his daily environment – namely sex, drugs, violence, and the constant rush for fame. Swift himself was headed down this path when he discovered the Philadelphia Boys Choir and Men’s Choral and took a different turn in life. After becoming a Christian in 1998 at the age of 17, Swift changed his tone and began spreading different message.

  1. Apply Pressure feat. Tjay
  2. For You R-Swift
  3. Raindrops R-Swift feat. Social Club
  4. Problem R-Swift
  5. Dear Mr. President pt. 2
  6. Don’t Go R-Swift feat. Alena Trimiar
  7. Love Story R-Swift feat. Butta P & J.R.
  8. Interlude R-Swift
  9. April 19th R-Swift feat. Carmen Rodgers
  10. Lookin’ for Trouble R-Swift feat. Sho Baraka & Eddie Nigma
  11. R.C.M.G. R-Swift feat. Fro W.U.N.D.A.S., Relz & Big Fil