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Hawthorne’s Most Wanted

Syntax Records



Hip Hop

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Groundbreaking rapper RedCloud is prepping for the release of his third album, the highly anticipated Hawthorne’s Most Wanted.  The Los Angeles area-based artist hopes to move rap forward by looking toward its past.

“Original hip-hop was uplifting and positive,” says RedCloud, whose first two albums, 2001’s Is This Thing On? and 2003’s Traveling Circus, has sold more than 40,000 copies collectively.  “It gave somebody hope and changed people’s lives.  It was street poetry that anybody could relate to.  Now, people are rapping about things that your average person can’t relate to — the cars, the diamonds, the money.  I rap about average person stories, issues that people don’t usually deal with.  I want to let them know what’s going on.”

The Indigenous-Mexican rapper has three singles kicking off Hawthorne’s Most Wanted.  The funky “Tapatio” features RedCloud and Pigeon John trading braggadocio rhymes, while the thumping “Guns & Roses,” presents RedCloud alongside heavyweight guests Jayo Felony, Eek-A-Mouse, and Tonex, examines spiritual topics.  “405,” with Lord Zen and Dannu of the Visionaries, allows RedCloud to salute the famous California highway that connects several prominent cities, including Los Angeles and San Diego.

If RedCloud seems to have an affinity for the road, there’s a reason.  A touring machine, RedCloud is slated to perform more than 140 shows in 2007.  His constant touring has helped expose his high-quality, dynamic songs to fans thirsty for meaningful music.

“He’s really creative with how he writes,” says Timothy J. Trudeau, president of Syntax Records.  “I still love hip-hop, but it’s getting to the point where I’m not impressed with lyricism anymore.  With RedCloud, he can do basic stuff, and he can get ridiculously complex.  I’m a fan of his music first.  It just so happens that he makes business sense, too.  You put it all together and it’s a no-brainer.”


  • RedCloud is a touring monster and has sold over 40,000 CDs independently.
  • RedCloud is scheduled to perform over 140 shows (including 8 major festivals this summer) in 2007 promoting this album nationwide in front of over 200,000 people.
  • RedCloud’s music video “When Kenpo Strikes” is one of the longest-running videos on TVU network's popular show “Ten Most Wanted” knocking major label recording artists out of the number one position.
  • In addition to the built-in dedicated street team, Radio Promoters will be hired to chart this album's singles.
  • A music video directed by Justin Purser of Anonymous Content for the single “Tapatio” is being serviced to all major video outlets.
  • Can be heard in MGM’s “It Runs In The Family” starring Michael Douglas where his song was written in as an integral part of a scene.
  • Can be heard in Warner Brother’s movie “Red Doors” starring Tzi Ma used two RedCloud songs during the movie, as well as a song in the actual trailer promoting the film to millions nationwide.
  • ABC Network utilizes a song featuring RedCloud to promote their new show “Brothers & Sisters”.
  • Can be heard in Xbox 360 snowboarding game “Amped3”.


  1. Deep Thoughts
  2. Welcome All
  3. Guns & Roses feat Eek-A-Mouse, Jayo Felony, Tonex*
  4. Boulevard Knights
  5. 405 feat. Dannu, Lord Zen
  6. Tapatio feat. Pigeon John
  7. Hawthorne's Most Wanted feat. Kurupt & Tonex
  8. The Boombox Saints
  9. Krylon Teardrops
  10. The Time Has Come
  11. Battle Of Little Bighorn feat. Def Shepard
  12. My People
  13. Songs They Sang
  14. Death Of A Salesman feat. Pigeon John