Music Release



“Something Worth Saving”



Founded in 1954, “The McKameys” is in its sixth decade of spreading God’s message of love and hope through music. Today, the group consists of Peg McKamey Bean and her husband, Ruben; their daughter Connie who is joined by her son, Elijah; and Sheryl Farris, who is also Peg and Ruben’s daughter.The wonderful harmonies of this family along with great songs gives them a unique opportunity to share God’s love as well as encourage the saints.

The McKameys play about 145 days a year, traveling throughout North America.  To date, they have had 30 number one songs.  The group has been awarded several different Singing News Fan Awards through the years with Peg being named Favorite Female Vocalist 7 times.  Ruben and Peg are both recipients of the Marvin Norcross Award and Norcross/Templeton Award respectively.

And yet, this family group is devoted to their Lord, first of all, to their church, and to their call to spread God’s Word to others through their music.

Something Worth Saving is releasing worldwide June 10th and available for pre-order now.

  1. Christ Is Able (2:54)
  2. I’ve Been In The Book (2:13)
  3. Bring You Glory (3:24)
  4. I Believe (3:06)
  5. That’s Why There’s A Cross (3:30)
  6. A Few Things (3:06)
  7. Back To Bethel (3:15)
  8. Days Gone By (3:10)
  9. Something Worth Saving (2:52)
  10. Come To My Rescue (2:48)