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Through the Years, Vol. 3

Mountain Home Music Company



Asheville, NC


Gospel songs have been an integral part of the bluegrass genre since its very first days, and within a few short years, groups appeared which devoted themselves exclusively to songs of faith delivered in bluegrass settings. In 1973, The Primitive Quartet took its place in the ranks of bluegrass gospel artists, and over the nearly 50 years that have followed, the durable group has made its way to the forefront.

In October, The Primitive Quartet and Mountain Home Music Company began the groundbreaking Through the Years series that is bringing the beloved gospel group’s music to new generations of listeners through streaming services and digital sales platforms for the first time. Now, the series continues with Volume 3, which features songs like “Only Gone From Our Sight” featuring Jeff Tolbert, “Go And Tell Jesus” featuring Reagan Riddle,  and “Thank You For Saving Me” featuring Mike Riddle.

When completed, the series—curated by the Crossroads Label Group’s Greg Bentley and The Primitive Quartet’s Mike Riddle—will encompass eight volumes covering nearly 40 years of historic releases, including this Christmas collection and a compilation of songs from the several live albums the group has released over the years. Rarely has such an archival exploration been directed exclusively at digital platforms, and the combination of historical interest and forward-looking accessibility serves to guarantee that not only will long-time fans of the storied group have their favorites close at hand, but that the vital musical ministry of the Primitive Quartet will be available for discovery by generations of fans yet to come.

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  • Over the years, The Primitive Quartet has released scores of albums, projects and videos, making them one of the more revered Gospel-centric bluegrass bands of all time


  1. I Am Going There
  2. He Lifted Me Out
  3. Let the Blood of Calvary Speak for Me
  4. Don't Talk About the Church to Me
  5. Covered in Grace
  6. Only Gone from our Sight
  7. Laying Up Treasures
  8. No Bad News
  9. Thank You Lord the Sun Rose
  10. It's Wonderful
  11. It's Wrong or It's Right
  12. I'll Have a Reward
  13. I'm Changing Houses
  14. Jesus Came Searching
  15. We Didn't Have Much, But We Had Plenty
  16. Undying Love
  17. Cane River Revival
  18. Thank You for Saving Me
  19. Safely Home
  20. God's Mercy and Grace
  21. Go and Tell Jesus


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