Music Release



“All Things Rise”

Christian, Praise & Worship


VINEYARD Campbellsville is part of the Association of Vineyard Churches, USA, a growing community of churches 650 strong in the U.S. and another 600 churches internationally. Campbellsville is a farming community that also houses a university, so our congregation is a diverse assembly of young and old, U.S. citizens and international visitors, and just about any mix you can think of. You’ll feel at home here!

Since its beginning, Vineyard Music has existed as a voice of the Vineyard movement in worship. As we move forward, we recognize a need to embrace a wider definition of worship, and therefore, a much larger scope for our activities and efforts. We believe that the corporate expression of worship is based not solely around music, but the areas of visual arts and media, though they have never been a specific focus of our ministry. By folding these areas into our current ministry vision, we can act as a connection point and catalyst not only for the musical aspects of our Vineyard churches, but also for those working with the visual arts and media.

In Stores: 01/01/2016

  1. All Things Rise (4:38)
  2. You Make Everything New (4:08)
  3. Over And Over (5:03)
  4. Let Your Kingdom Come (4:49)
  5. I Love You (6:26)
  6. All Things Rise (Live) (4:54)