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Vineyard Worship Canada – Other Side: Hope From The Rubble

Christian, Praise & Worship



In the Spring of 2015, the nation of Nepal was rocked by catastrophic earthquakes, shaking a country of thirty million to the core. Among the first-responders, World Vision was immediately on the scene providing emergency aid. The global Vineyard Church family was also instrumental in providing immediate aid, harnessing the strength of available resources.

As the devastation has dropped off the news cycle, the need for rebuilding Nepal remains at the forefront of its people and those who love them. This project is a partnership between World Vision, the churches of Vineyard Canada, and Vineyard Worship Canada. Together we are telling the world: Nepal still needs our help!

Many well-known voices have donated their time, energy and future royalties from these songs in order to aid in the re-build. Adding to these voices are Nepalese and Indian nationals, bringing their hear-felt songs in their native tongue. All process from the sales of this project go directly to the rebuilding efforts through the conduits of World Vision and Vineyard Canada.

This album will be in stores worldwide February 26th, and is available now for pre-order at iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

  1. “Other Side” – David Ruis & Noel Isaacs
  2. “Earthquake Tremble” – Suresh Solange
  3. “I Am a Seeker” – Brian Doerksen & Teresa Trask
  4. “The Way Home” – Ryan McAllister
  5. “My Portion” – Jessica Park
  6. “Rest Now Be Still” – Teresa Trask
  7. “From The Ashes” – Ryan McAllister
  8. “I Waited Patiently” – Andy Park
  9. “Saints Arise” – Heather Clark
  10. “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” – Ryan McAllister
  11. “Come Jesus” Kumar B.K. & Prasita B.K.
  12. “Shadows” – David Ruis & Teresa Trask