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Live Riot

Praise & Worship, Rock


Some bands are artistically innovative boundary breakers with an unwavering ability to cast their nets wide and attract an audience that literally spans all walks of life. Others put their focus exclusively on unabashed praise and are so anointed they can literally usher listeners into the presence of God with a single strum of a chord. And while Worth Dying For certainly fits both impressive character profiles, the California-based troupe of praise purveyors is actually something much grander in the form of an all encompassing movement spanning worship, the arts and the church as a whole.

  1. Rebuild
  2. Arise
  3. Never Look Back
  4. Freedom Is Rising
  5. One Love
  6. Love Riot
  7. The World Can’t Take It Away
  8. Risen From The Grave
  9. Closer
  10. All I Want (Closer Reprise)
  11. Higher
  12. Send Your Glory Down
  13. Power Of Your Love
  14. Spirit Of God
  15. Light A Fire
  16. Taking Back
  17. Savior
  18. Rebuild (Radio Edit)
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