Best of 2021 | Top 10 Christian / Gospel Albums

December 27, 2021

In our final Top 10, best-of list for 2021, we’re highlighting the ten best Christian / Gospel albums of the year. As with our previously published Top 10 Singles list, the genres range from Southern Gospel to Hip Hop and everything in between.

Determined by a combination of streaming, download, and overall sales statistics at all measurable platforms beginning Jan. 1, 2021, this list is in no particular order:

You can stream all of these songs—and much more—on these playlists: House of the Lord (Follow on Spotify | All Platforms), Southern Gospel | Harmonies & Quartets (Follow on Spotify | All Platforms), Gospel Music (Follow on Spotify | All Platforms), and TRU Hip Hop (Follow on Spotify | All Platforms).

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