Jeremiah Bonds

Customer Development

Although he’s currently the youngest on staff, his talent and aptitude stretches beyond his years. Recruited right out of high school by Syntax CEO Tim Trudeau, Bonds came on board to manage the company’s needs for daily shipments of physical goods and customer service interactions. As Bonds matured, his responsibilities grew into social media, content delivery, and client management. He is gifted in executing strategies that develop and grow traffic in social networking platforms.

The San Diego native is also a gifted songwriter and performer who lives his heart-felt lyrics. He started off as a music artist listening to the very company that he would later call home — Syntax Records. The artists he heard such as MaxOne and Othello inspired him, and he sought out the people behind his favorite label in as many concerts as he could. That’s how Jeremiah created and fostered a relationship that eventually led to his employment.

Since then, Bonds has benefited from both sides of the business, being behind the scenes as well as center stage. In addition to his duties with Syntax, he has appeared on the popular compilation series Night Owls, volumes three, four and five. He is also featured on Wages of Syntax, volume two.

His youthful charm mixed with age-old skill makes him the quintessential Syntax member and positions him to help take the company into the future. Bonds is excited to expand Syntax’s reach and develop his skills as a both an artist and a business man.

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