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Bird Flu

Hip Hop


While compilations often leave a sour taste in the collective retail mouths, Night Owls continues to gain momentum as a trusted brand and to introduce talented, handpicked artists through exclusive songs, unavailable on any other release. Night Owls 5 features, both, established and up and coming artists. Sometimes on the same song. The project is mixed and mastered entirely at Syntax Studios by the team that is known, above all, for quality. The result is the variety of a compilation with the cohesiveness of an album.

  1. Bird Flu
  2. Back When – Rhema Soul
  3. As Just Cause Cries – Citizen Aim
  4. The Dream – La Guardia
  5. Get Right – Kaboose
  6. Family Tree – Motion Plus
  7. Insomniac – CookBook
  8. Basics – Jupiter 7
  9. Earthquake Music – Michael Mannaseh
  10. Least Resistance – MaxOne
  11. A Beautiful Thing – Phynite
  12. Fite Nite – Braille, Kaboose, RedCloud, Jeremiah Bonds
  13. At It Again – Sundance, Nomis, Jeremiah Bonds
  14. Words – Man of War
  15. Relying On God – Praverb the Wyse
  16. Static For Dinner – Braille
  17. This Road – BillyBo
  18. My Position – Freddie Bruno, RedCloud, Jeremiah Bonds