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Fashion ExpoRound 1: TruHipHop

Syntax Records



Hip Hop

San Diego, California


This double-disc is directed, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Sackcloth Fashion. Featuring over 40 emcees and deejays with all-new exclusive material that is not available anywhere else. By showcasing such a wide array of talent and style, the Fashion Expo is sure to fascinate the audio-ence. This “event” compels all ears to sit by headphones containing more than 140 minutes of music. Fashion Expo features artists such as Grits, RedCloud, Braille, Loqjue, Sup The Chemist, Sev Statik, Mars Ill, Future Shock, SolSeekers, Odd Thomas, Luke Geraty, Playdough, Ill Harmonics, Gibraan, KJ52, Corey Red, Precise, Jurny of LPG, Peace586 of Tunnel Rats, Dirt, E-roc, Man of War, and many other exciting acts.


  • Double-Disc for $9.98
  • 140+ minutes of all-new Hip Hop exclusively available on this project.
  • Features over 40 emcees currently rising through the ranks of the underground.
  • The quality remains consistent, giving it the feel of an album, but with the flavor of a compilation.
  • Several songs from this project are featured in the Michael Douglas film entitled, "A Few Good Years."
  • Very consumer-friendly project with ads in Feed Mag, Elemental Mag, SP Mag, Insomniac, and others.


Disc One:
  1. Unique - featuring DJ DNA
  2. Angels - Redcloud, Absolute, Braille, Mr. Tru
  3. For The Money - Mr. Rogers a.k.a. Coleon
  4. Dues For Cashews - Playdough
  5. No Gray Lines - Corey Red featuring Precise
  6. Runnin' - Peace586
  7. Mathew - Dirt
  8. Under Man - DizOrgan
  9. Christian Emcee, what? - E-Roc
  10. Traveling - Absolute
  11. Sub-Mission - Future Shock
  12. Soft Spoken - OmniPoetic
  13. Who am I? - Illustrate featuring Joe Bereal
  14. Water World - RedCloud
  15. - Lojique
  16. An'eu'rysm - Project America
  17. Game Over - Fros'T
  18. Rising Sons - Mr. Tru, Man of War, E-Roc
Disc Two:
  1. Quality Junk - Coleon, RedCloud, Mr. Tru
  2. MIC Abruption - Prophetics
  3. Perceptions - Braille
  4. Journey Through My Mind - Grits
  5. The Wind - TreyQel featuring Ajax
  6. How We Do - KJ-52
  7. Lolly Pops - Absolute featuring Mr. Tru
  8. To The Extreme - RedCloud
  9. Clay - Relentless
  10. Tight with Lasso - Absolute, Mr. Tru, Ill Harmonics
  11. Reality Check - RedFlagUnit (Sev & MarsILL)
  12. Understand - Sup The Chemist
  13. Jurny - Jurny (LPG)
  14. The Road I Once Lived - Man of War
  15. The Day My Dog Died - Greg Words
  16. The New Song - D.O.P.E. Statikk
  17. The Outlet - SolSeekers
  18. Expect The Unexpected - Sackcloth Fashion