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“Right on Time”

Central South Distribution

Americana, Christian, Gospel


Gospel, Christian; UOTH Production/Central South Distribution — STREAM / BUY single

From Freeman’s website: Shalette Freeman grew up in a family of singers. Her whole family, including her mom and her aunts, sang in their family church choir. Her mother put Shalette in piano lessons at an early age of six. As a little girl, she grew up listening to Shirley Caesar and The Clark Sisters, and always wanted to be a gospel singer like them. She then joined the children’s choir at her family’s church at the age of twelve.

As Shalette got older, she joined the adult choir with her mother and aunts. They sang at other churches and many engagements around Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi. She later joined Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church. But as she grew in Grace and began to form a closer relationship with God, Shalette began to have questions. What was her purpose, her destiny, and her gifts?

“I always heard tunes and songs in my head even at an early age, but I began to hone in on my gifts and began writing songs,” Shalette says. “I later joined the Mt. Zion choir of music and ministry, and learned what it was to really worship God. During my time of worship one night I came up with a song, and said Lord I need your help. The next day I received an email from Eric Copeland, president of Creative Soul Records with an offer to come to his workshop in Nashville, and the rest is history!”

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