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Sunny Days


‘Sunny Days’, is packed with strong infectious melodies and is lyrically covered with the promises of Hope.  Trent, who co-wrote 8 of the 10 songs says, “Although this is my sixth studio record, it’s the first album that I can truly say really captured everything that is soo important to me.  All these songs are my way of responding to God’s sustaining grace in my life.” Since 1995, Trent has been a familiar voice on Christian radio with a string of hits, including “Your Love Is 4 Always”, “It’s All About You”, “Run To The Cross”, “My Irreplaceable”, and “Welcome Home”.  She stepped away from the spotlight in 2001 after the tragic death of her husband in a diving accident. Trent spent four years with Women of Faith and was also a featured speaker and performer on the organization’s “The Revolve Tour” for teen girls, for two years. Since that time Tammy has maintained a very busy touring schedule, speaking and singing at women’s events all over the world. Contemporary Pop, danceable, memorable, straight-up songs full of Hope and Truth.

  1. Sunny Days
  2. Glow In The Dark
  3. We’re Letting Go
  4. Welcome Home
  5. You’ll Come
  6. Fall At Your Feet
  7. Your Grace Is Enough
  8. I’m Running
  9. Stronger Now
  10. Don’t Let Him Be The Last To Know
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