#TBT Music Sticker Ideas

September 25, 2019

Originally brought to us from our friends at Facebook, here’s some fun and engaging ways to interact with your fans utilizing Facebook and Instagram stories while incorporating your music with a popular ongoing hashtag: #TBT (“ThrowBack Thursday,” of course!). There’s even a cool way to link a Spotify playlist to your story!

#TBT Photo
Your artist can post a throwback photo from their childhood and include a music sticker that fits the image (in this example, Snoop Dogg uses the music sticker for “Young, Wild & Free” to add an audio dimension to an old class photo) They can also encourage fans to do the same:

Label #TBT Playlist
Labels can use the Music Sticker to share a “TBT Playlist” of catalog hits and include a Spotify Share to stories of the playlist on the final slide:
Redman, Facebook, Spotify, Syntax Creative - image

First Hit Single
Your artist can share a photo/video from a recording of a past single with a music sticker to celebrate the track’s anniversary and encourage fans to do the same:
Britney Spears, Facebook, TBT, Syntax Creative - image

#TBT Bingo
Your artist can post a TBT questionnaire asking fans to provide music stickers to answer the questions + tag the artist who shares their favorite responses (in the example below, Frank Ocean asks fans to “answer with the first song that Instagram music suggests to you by writing your: ‘name,’ ‘age,’ ‘birthday month,’ zodiac sign,’ fave color…'”):
Facebook, TBT Bingo, Syntax Creative - image

The above are great ideas offered by the sources themselves, but our intention to share these with you is to help stir thought behind utilizing these mediums to ENGAGE with your fans beyond sharing typical news such as releases, chart placements, etc. Also, if you are a Syntax Creative client take this reminder to note that your music is already ingested into the Facebook/Instagram systemit’s there & ready to use!

Lastly, apply these ideas to other engaging ways to connect your music with fans in new ways. Birthdays, special occasions, national holidays, etc.

So…what kinds of ideas are YOU coming up with?!

We can’t wait to see!

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