Music Release



“Music Beautiful”

Seattle, Washington


Seattle Hip Hop artist Gowe will release his sophomore album, titled Music Beautiful, on March 30, 2015. The LP spans 10 tracks, with guest appearances from label mate Sam Ock and rapper HeeSun Lee (courtesy In My City Records), and will be the Gowe’s first full-length project available since his debut in 2012, We Are Hypergiants.

“Conceptually speaking,” the emcee explains, “this album is going to be quite different from the debut.” To him, the album represents originality. Gowe points out, “What others deem as ‘weird’ could be very beautiful to the creator. This album will be a collection of what I find very beautiful.” He adds, “It’s also more of a personal album for me as well.”

Official track list and artwork:

  1. Fighters
  2. Islands (feat. Sam Ock)
  3. Lavender
  4. From My Window
  5. Road to Seoul (feat. Sam Ock)
  6. Sentinel
  7. Take Me Home (feat. Heesun Lee & Sarah Lee)
  8. Sabertooth
  9. Midnight Town
  10. Meant to Be (feat. Sam Ock)

The artist describes Music Beautiful as “a lot more consistent compared to my first project” with “more of a soulful vibe.”

Music Beautiful will give listeners a glimpse into Gowe’s personal taste, and, as the musician himself points out, “sometimes it can be through a darker sounding medium or tragedy, other times it can be through a joyful ensemble. But, it is still beautiful to me at the end of the day.”