Music Release



CIRCA MMXI:The Collective


Catchy anthems.Auto’ed tunes.Chains—froze.Sex—sold.Sermons—preached.Swagged out.But where’s the music?The art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony and expression of emotion: in case you forgot, that is music. It’s an art. Art’s debatable, but it is indisputably beautiful by definition.High Art: something that is great in and of itself that speaks for itself in order to point to something greater—something more beautiful. Yea, that’s “sky’s not the limit, it’s the view” art.
That’s the mark of the High Society Collective: No label. No genre.Writers.Producers.Artists.Brushes in hand—Cue Circa MMXI. Hear their strokes…

  1. This Is High
  2. One Moment
  3. #High
  4. devil
  5. Mad About
  6. Press On
  7. Applause
  8. Y.D.L.M. Interlude
  9. Y.D.L.M.
  10. Before Goodbye
  11. Dedicated
  12. Take Off
  13. Winner’s Cirlce (We Major Remake)
  14. T.G.C.