Music Release


Missional Music Vol. 1


Missional Music is a community of musicians and artists who desire to use their music to raise funds that support indigenous church-planting in areas that make up the 41 percent of the world that is considered “unreached”. Its purpose is to gather disciples of Jesus Christ who make music for disciples, while making disciples around the world.

  1. Providence – Emilie Kirkpatrick
  2. The Day That Love Saved My Soul – Walking Water
  3. Hope Of Glory – Sam Hart feat. A.W. Tozer
  4. All For Love – Stefanie Kelly
  5. Bring Me Peace – Carl Deese
  6. Let The Church Say – Jeremiah Bonds
  7. Heaven Hear Our Voice – Rich Kirkpatrick
  8. U Can Have That – Troy
  9. Sweetest Love – SixtyOneAshes
  10. Confession Song – Grand Vanity
  11. Forever King – Dylan Burcombe
  12. Greatly – Mike Clark Band feat. Emily Berger