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Sam Ock Releases ‘Never Ending’


Seasoned Good Fruit singer and songwriter, Sam Ock, delivers a new single titled “Never Ending,” a song that shines light upon the daily darkness we are naturally inclined to. The message unfolds to remind people that we can operate out of our imagination for a better day and live free from our past.

This melodic yet soulful song uses well along the same vein as Sam’s popular hits such as “Beautiful People” and “Rest Easy.” With an accompaniment of a violin, listeners and fans familiar with Sam Ock’s other orchestrated works will love “Never Ending,” which was written and produced  by Sam Ock and accompanied by Gloria Pak on violin.

Sam Ock currently resides in Ellicott City, MD. He graduated from the
University of Maryland–Baltimore County with a Bachelor’s in Music
Technology and serves as the worship leader for the English congregation
at Bethel Korean Presbyterian Church. Sam grew up as an introverted,
introspective individual, and much of his music reflects the subtleties
of his personal experiences. He hopes to serve the Lord to the best of
his abilities in being a light and salt to the world whether through worship music, AMP, or his own solo repertoire.