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The Grascals have had many blessings in their storied career, including an armful of awards, GRAMMY nominations and hit songs. Yet through the many years and changes, they have stayed true to their roots—and true to their mission to find and record music that comes from and goes to the heart. With its message of humility and gratitude, their latest Mountain Home single, “Thankful,” is just such a song.

In a testament to their long-standing practice of serving the song, The Grascals here forego instrumental solos in favor of an arrangement that puts the spotlight squarely on “Thankful”’s homespun lyrics, with their simple declarations and down-to-earth details. John Bryan’s heartfelt lead vocal notes details like the narrator’s old pickup truck and modest home, where there are “always things in need of repair,” before soaring into the opening lines chorus:

I’m thankful I’ve been so richly blessed
With more than I deserve when so many have much less
I’m thankful for the things we sometimes miss…
And when I count my blessings I lose track
There’s no way I could ever pay it back
I’m thankful

Brief but soulful interludes from mandolinist Danny Roberts, fiddler Adam Haynes and the group’s award-winning banjo player, Kristin Scott Benson punctuate the song, offering opportunities for the listener to absorb the message delivered by the vocal trio of Bryan, guitarist Chris Davis and bass player Terry Smith in a performance that reinforces the group’s reputation for smooth, yet powerful harmonies.

“The lyrics to our new single are a powerful and wonderful reminder of just how much we all have to be thankful for,” says Bryan, ”And especially now more than ever! I think this song really touched all of our hearts, which made it an easy choice to record, and we’re so glad that the writers–Daryl Mosley and Rick Lang–brought it to The Grascals. ‘Thankful’ makes you pause and reflect on the truly important things in life and where our blessings come from, and I hope all of the listeners will really focus on the words of this song. I know it has helped me keep a brighter disposition while not being able to travel and see my music family and friends — and you just can’t help but smile when you hear it. The Grascals truly are ‘Thankful’!”


  • The Grascals are a three-time GRAMMY-nominated acoustic outfit that expertly melds the best of bluegrass with country from a combined decades of experience in the Nashville country scene
  • In their relatively brief, but high profile career as a band, The Grascals have featured on The Tonight Show, Fox & Friends, The Late Late Show, and CBS’ The Talk including 150+ appearances on the Grand Ole Opry