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DIE-REK - "Eyes Across the Room"

An expression of love can take on many forms. In the case of "Eyes Across the Room," love flows forth and through the microphone, an expressive quality all too natural for Toronto-based emcee/producer DIE-REK. In addition to his signature grimey…
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Sareem Poems & Newselph - The Art of Living (Deluxe Edition)

About the focus track, "Mourning the Morning" (DIE-REK remix) [feat. DIE-REK] | Sareem Poems—the vocally distinctive emcee, formerly of L.A Symphony—collaborates with Canadian up-and-comer rapper DIE-REK on a remix of the opening track to…
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Various Artists - Illect Recordings: Mind the Rap, Vol. 5

About the focus track, "Getting By" (feat. Moka Only) | This new serving of soul food is essentially a gratitude journal that reads like excerpts of appreciation lovingly scribed on really fancy paper. This time, however, Rel McCoy is teaming…
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